New Office Protocols for COVID

How We Make Our Office Safe To Visit

To make the office safe:

1. Every room has an Airgle 600 air purifier… capable of filtering and sanitizing 270 cfm air. Triple filtration with HEPA filters and UVC lights removing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

2. During treatment we use an extraoral suction unit which does the same thing as the Airgle but contains 99.99% of the aerosols produced by the procedure.

3. We installed a Reme Halo system in our AC unit that sanitizes the whole office air quality from bacteria, viruses, and pollen and contaminants.

4. Staff uses the CDC and ADA required PPE for our protection as well.

5. High risk procedures are also done in a contained room to segregate that room from the rest of the office.

6. We minimize the number of people in the office at any one time.
7. We prescreen patients when making appointments and upon arrival to their appointments.

8. Patients are checked for fever at time of appointment as well as staff upon arrival to work.

9. Patients are checked in and wait in their car to avoid crowding in the waiting room.

10. Patients do a disinfecting pre-rinse prior to being worked on and other devices are available to minimize aerosols and viral loads.

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