Are you considering getting dentures or do you you already have them? Do you know someone that is thinking about getting dentures? No matter what situation you find yourself in, you are probably going to have a lot of question about that. On this page, we discuss these types of questions. We discuss what dentures are, the care that they need and how dentures can help your oral health. We hope that this page answers all your questions, but if you have any questions remaining, please give us a call.

What are dentures?


Dentures are artificial gums and teeth that are formed to your mouth. They are created by your dentist to replace lost teeth or teeth that have been removed. You can have full or partial dentures. What does this mean? Dentures can either replace all your teeth, no matter it you are replacing all your top teeth or all your bottom teeth. Dentures can also just replace a few teeth that are missing. No matter what kind of denture you need, your dentist will custom design your dentures to perfectly fit your mouth and match your surrounding teeth. For more information on the types of dentures, you can view a link form the ADA.

What are dentures made out of?

Dentures used to be made out of plastic or porcelain, but now there is better technology. Dentures are made out of hard resin. Resin is more fragile than your natural teeth, and if you do not take care of them or drop them, they can be cracked or chipped easily. Dentures also need to be replaced about every 5 years. This is because our natural teeth are much stronger, dentures wear down much faster.

What are the gums made out of?

The “gum line” holds all the artificial teeth together. This gum line is also consists of a similar resin that is used for the teeth. However, the resin for the gums are a made from a resin that is a bit more flexible, a polymer material that is customized to your natural gum line.

Why dentures?

Besides the obvious reason of dentures improving your smile, but dentures also keep the structure of the mouth healthy. The dentures support everything around your lips and cheeks. They also have another obvious use, dentures help you chew your food. You can eat the same foods, as you do with regular teeth allowing you to be healthy and nourish your body. Maybe some are your teeth are causing you a lot of pain. Dentures can replace those teeth so you no longer have that pain. Some of your teeth could have serious issues, this can range from severe damage or maybe your roots are rotting. Dentures can replace these teeth that are causing you pain, giving you a healthy, painless, beautiful smile.

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Please contact us if you have any questions about your denture or if you are interested in getting dentures. If your dentures stop fitting well or become damaged, please contact us. Also, schedule regular dental checkups. Dental check ups are always important. With dentures, dental check ups are important so Doctor Bruce Elkind can examine your dentures and your mouth to make sure they continue to fit properly.